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Force of Nature VR Privacy Policy

Our Company

Loco Motion Devs takes your privacy seriously. We collect only the data necessary to help improve our product.

What we collect

We track your in-game username and user ID, when you open or close the game, your multiplayer session ID, your ping, and statistics about your performance in each in-game match.

We use a third-party Unity to collect this data. Unity's Privacy Policy 

How we use this data

This data is used to help us improve the product by understanding how people play the game, to help us balance it for competitive play, and to track players skill levels for skill-based matchmaking. We may share your username and estimated skill level as part of a public leaderboard that shows every player's rank. We WILL NOT share any other personal data with any third parties.


We'll also create overall statistics about how everyone plays the game. These statistics will not contain any personal data. This will only be shared with players and third parties for marketing, analytics, and development purposes.

What we do not collect

We do not collect any personal data other than the data above. We will not start to collect any additional personal data in the future without your consent. We will not share any of your personal data with a third party without your consent.

How to remove your data

If you have any questions or concerns about your personal data, or if you want us to delete your personal data, please contact us.

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